Coordinate GPS GARMIN: 44°21.3776 11°9.1524
Coordinate GPS DD: 44.35629305429757N 11.15254032590535E

UNESCO's World Heritage Committee in collaboration with the International Astronomical Union set up a Portal to the Heritage of Astronomy, an initiative to raise awareness of the importance of astronomical sites in either their connections to the human history, cultural and environmental aspects, by promoting and safeguarding them.

"Osservatorio Astronomico Felsina" belongs to the outstanding Tangible Immovable heritage in the UNESCO Portal to the Heritage of Astronomy.

The Specola, erected in 1997 for a grand open to the public in 1999, is located in the Appennine Mountains (altitude: 651 m.), in Varsellane street (no street number) in the Montepastore area which is at the summit of the territory belonging to Monte San Pietro municipality.

The main telescope - a 40cm Newton - body shows Umberto Guidoni's autograph, the first European astronaut to get onboard the International Space Station.

In partnership with Municipality and other local stakeholders, a whole calendar of outreach events - public openings, STE(A)M initiatives - is arranged every year, paying specific attention to accessibility.

GPS: 44.35621 11.15259

Italian Alpine Club trekking route ref./nbr: CAI BO n.146a